Homeschool Desk Dividers have recently become a sought after commodity throughout the world. The novelty of working from home as well as homeschooling wore thin very quickly. If you are anything like me,  you may have found yourself questioning our sanity on a few occasions. As a result Mumble’s Screen-ED is now available to purchase as  single divider screens for desks.

They are perfect for use as a homeschool desk divider and I can guarantee that because I have used them myself. We divided up our dining room table during lockdown. Each household member got their designated workspace. Our homeschool desk dividers provided a visual barrier to prevent distraction. The sound absorbing quality of the desk divider screens also helped dull down the pinging from rather annoying grade 3 Aps.

We loved that this homeschool desk divider created individual work spaces on our dining table within seconds after breakfast. The simple fold out foot allows Screen – ED to fold flat when not in use.

Let’s hope that in the near future we will no longer require the use of homeschool desk dividers but for now Screen – ED is one solution. They are made from recycled PET Bottles unlike other plastic screens on the market.  Screen-ED can be repurposed at your local school when things get back to normal.

So before you reach for the glass of wine, try out these homeschool desk dividers.

Screen- ED Homeschool Desk Dividers 

Mumble’s Screen – ED recently featured in Tutors Field article on homeschooling during the pandemic. You can read the full article here : Homeschooling tips when home schooling isn’t your choice