$250.00 MSRP

Screen-ED student desk dividers are sold in a pack of 5 with a handy carry bag. Perfect for any classroom layout.

  • Made from recycled PET bottles
  • Are sound absorbing
  • Ships within 2 days from our  US warehouse.
  • 5 year warranty ( unlike cardboard desk dividers)


Privacy desk dividers for student desks have become even more popular as we start to get back into the classroom. Enforcing social distancing in the classroom is close to impossible. With our student desk dividers , Screen-ED we hope teachers will find it easier to get back to teaching with less policing.

These student desk dividers can be cleaned in accordance to our Covid Care instructions. 

Screen-ED are made from sound absorbing material and assist with acoustic control in large open plan classroom. In their most basic function, Screen-ED is an exam or testing divider.

What teachers love about Screen -ED Student Desk Dividers:
  • This lightweight portable screen can easily be placed on any desk to provide a private workspace, minimizing distraction. Perfect for individual activities and tests.
  • The screens fits on any desk surface with no mounting, clamping or bolting required. Unlike other dividing screens, it does not need to be customized to fit the vast range of desks styles and configurations.
  • The sound absorbing screen offers additional acoustical control in a space where noise levels can be distracting. (NRC. 0.85)
  • The (patent pending) stand mechanism is simple to set up, take down and pack away. Screens can be stacked flat for easy storage in their handy storage bag.
Here are a few examples of how Screen – ED has been used by our happy customers:
  • In the classroom to separate students at shared desks. This could be for testing purposes or simply to create an individual work space.
  • Special -ED teachers use this screen to aid students who are distracted easily. This classroom desk divider allows for the student to remain in the classroom with their fellow students.
  • Screen-ED can be left with the  librarian to hand out to students when they want to create their own workspace.

Screen-ED® is available in a variety of colors. (Navy/Grey colors recommended in schools to hide pen marks and dirt)

Buying for a school? Please get in touch to find out about our bulk purchase discount options.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 42 × 15 in

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Mumble®  By Design: Australian Registered Design No. 201714159

Classroom Desk Dividers and Exam Dividers

1 carry bag with 5 screens per carton (20.47″ X 16.5″ X 5.9″)

100% PET (60% recycled) and is fully recyclable

Whiteboard surface on one side – see Screen-ED® WRITE

6.6lbs per box

15.47″(h) x 18.75 (w) x 1″ (d) (inc feet)  [Size can be customised upon special request]


Intertek ISO354: 2003 NRC VALUE: 0.80

Early Fire Hazard Properties (AS/NZS 1530.3)/ASTM E84 A Level/EN 13501-1 B Level

Materials are non-toxic, non-irritant and odourless/Oeko-Tex 100

Care Instructions: Remove spills immediately using damp, clean cloth. Carpet and fabric cleaners can be used. Always test in an inconspicuous area first.

Product Video

Screen-ED Product Brochure


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