$480.00 MSRP

Recline Grooved sound absorbing panel features:

  • 23.5″ x 23.5″ squares
  • QTY 8 per pack
  • Peel and stick backing for easy install
  • Square Footage coverage per pack: 30.68 ft²
  • Made from recycled PET bottles
  • Sound absorbing rating NRC 0.45 ( direct fix, no gap application)


Recline Sound Absorbing Panels are the stylish additional to any wall, even if you don not have an acoustical issue.

Create a eye catching design with these 45 degree grooved sound absorbing tiles.

Align tiles to create long diagonal lines or flip them to create a zig zag look. The design options are limitless with the 17 colors available.

Mumble’s Felt acoustic panels are made from 60% recycled content and are an excellent sound absorbing material.

There are 8 tiles per color per box. Each tile has a peel and stick pressure adhesive backing. If you are looking for a non permanent sticking option, we recommend not pulling the sticky backing off. You can use picture mounting strips which are available at any local DIY store as an alternative.

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