Writable Walls
writable wall surfaces
composition wall fabric with velcro

Acou-Stik Writable Surface Accessories

Acou-Stik Writable Surface Accessories are the perfect collaboration partner in all 21st Century learning environments.

Brain storm and collaborate with the class and when you are done, you can display our ideas on your Acou-Stik Pinboard Wall Tiles.

Each writable shapes has a magnetic dry erase surface. The hook mounting strip at the back allows for it easily to be stuck to the hook and loop receptive surface of our Acoustic Pinboard Wall Tiles.

“Brainstorm” pack includes 1 oval, 6 arrows and 6 circles

“A for” pack includes 10 A4 sized boards

“Say What?” includes 10 speech bubbles

“Hex pack” includes 6 hexagon shapes.