EduTech Sydney 2018

Edutech Sydney Mumble Booth

Mumble By Design had our first exhibition in June this year at the amazing Edutech 2018 conference at Sydney ICC. Thanks to Blandina and her team from Terrapin for putting together such a great show.


The response was outstanding and we were overwhelmed by teachers and librarians seeking out acoustic solutions for their classrooms and libraries. What we found especially interesting that no 2 acoustic complaints were the same which makes sense no classroom is the same, no building or geographical location is the same and more importantly – all rooms are used differently!

It just goes to show there is not one band aid solution that fits all. The factors effecting the choice of solution are many and we were thrilled we could spend the time with those who visited us at the stand discussing the best options for them.

If you believe you could benefit from such a consultation, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our range of designs are many and we are always up for the challenge to create customized Acoustic Solutions for any room. See you next year Edutech 2019.


Edutech Sydney 2018