Acoustic Solutions for Day Cares

Acoustic Solutions for Day Cares are a very important consideration when planning the layout of a centre. Day cares are hubs of learning activity that are often accompanied by elevated levels in noise. There is an obvious uncontrollable natural source of noise associated with Day Cares however poorly performing acoustics in the room can make the matter much worse. Teachers are required to raise their voices resulting in an even noisier room and possible risk of vocal strain.

As the early years are crucial for language development , particular attention needs to be placed on the learning environment of pre-school children. Poor acoustics can lead to a delay in language development purely because the child cannot hear every word there carer is saying. They lack the vocabulary knowledge to fill in the gaps.

Currently guidelines for acoustics in Day Cares only cover environmental impact of surrounding area and pays no attention to the optimum acoustics required within the day care for optimum language development to occur.

Day Care Acoustic Challenges

  • Reducing sound levels in a large open plan space filled with young children is not always possible.
  • Preventing sound from bouncing around throughout the space and creating echo.
  • Ensuring speech clarity

Possible Acoustic Solutions for Day Care

  • Use a sound-absorbing ceiling with exceptional absorption qualities for all speech frequencies.
  • Add wall absorbers to at least one side of the room. It would be better to add on 2 opposite sides if budget and space permits. Wall tiles  can be used as pin boards too so as to allow for the walls still to be used for notices and other materials. ( we understand wall space is a premium in education facilities)
  • Make use of free standing acoustic screens to sub divide the room as required into age and activity groups. These flexible sound absorbing screens can be stored out of the way when not in use.